Do I need a specific FiveM server version to run it properly?

You need server version 4752 or above to run resources

How to buy MLO and download it?

You can login to my tebex store through fivem account, after payment you can download your mlo's on keymaster

It is only for FIVEM?

Yes, my mlo's are only for fivem

Will be updates for free?

Yes, every update will be free if you bought mlo before

I bought the content for someone else. Can I transfer my purchase to another account?

You can transfer ownership of assets once by navigating to ‘Purchased assets’ on keymaster. From there you can select the ‘Transfer to another account’ option and enter the account name of the person you want to transfer the content to.

Do you do custom mlo's?

No i dont, i dont have time for it

If you have any other questions ask me on my DISCORD